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Fred Manuele discusses the importance of risk assesment in preventing occupational accidents and illness, the tools offered by the Institute to simplify the risk assessment process, and the opportunity for career advancement.

Why an Institute?

OSH excellence underpins business success. Operations that involve risk can produce injuries, illnesses, and environmental events that are harmful to people and costly to the business. Assessing and managing risk leads to safer, more environmentally sound and more efficient processes, while also reducing costs.

Why Now?

Recent injury and illness trends within companies and their global supply chains indicate that overall incident rate improvement has slowed and rates of fatal and serious injuries have remained steady for a number of years. Clearly, a different approach is required if further improvements are to be made.

Traditional approaches to improving OSH performance, focused primarily on injury rate reduction and/or regulatory compliance, are necessary components of OSH programs, but used alone force an after-the-fact perspective that limits the OSH professional’s ability to advance his or her mission.

The time has come for a transformation of safety leadership through “proactive,” preventive approaches that can identify risks and enable action in advance of injury, illness, or loss.

The ASSE Risk Assessment Institute aims to help OSH professionals find and implement both standardized and alternative risk-based approaches and measures to lead their organizations to pro-actively prioritize, resource, and mitigate risk in advance of injuries or catastrophic events.